Therapy Services in Richmond Hill & the GTA

Below you can find answers to some common questions about the psychological services I provide. If you have further questions, contact us today.

What can I do for you?
I will provide you with a safe, trusting environment in which to explore any issues with which you find yourself struggling. I will offer you genuine support and educate you in simple, yet powerful, methods to discover who you are and what it is that you really want. I will teach you how to find, from within yourself, the answers you are seeking in order to realize your deepest heartfelt dreams.

Who do I serve?
I serve individuals and couples/dyads struggling to cope with a range of issues. Together we may address the impact of day-to-day relationship conflicts, including separation, divorce and remarriage. Grief, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, loss of employment, fear of failure, depression, trauma, and fear of success are some of the other areas we may touch on.

How do we work together?
We begin with a confidential consultation. This is essentially an opportunity for me to ask you a series of questions, which allows me to better understand you and your concerns. We then meet for 50-minute sessions and together map out your goals.

Using a variety of techniques, we explore each concern you have, one step at a time. With every success you achieve, you build faith in yourself. As this process becomes familiar, your self-esteem is established, and you are empowered to live your vision.

What is my approach?
I practice an eclectic approach to psychotherapy. I incorporate a combination of therapeutic styles, including cognitive restructuring, Solution Focused Techniques, and Mindfulness Based Therapy, as well as Traumatic Incident Reduction, Gestalt practices, and Thought Field Therapy. The utilization of various approaches is designed to reduce the time spent in counselling and to expedite your healing time frame.

These include Traumatic Incident Reduction, and Solution-Focused Techniques and Mindfulness Based Therapy.

What will this cost?
Most private and extended healthcare plans cover psychologists. My rates are based on an hourly fee.

How do we begin?
You can call my office directly to set up an appointment, or if you prefer, your doctor, lawyer, spiritual advisor, family member or acquaintance may call on your behalf.